Online M.O.T. Test Booking System
Website Front End

The Website Interface for the Online Booking System allows users to select the date that they wish to have their vehicle tested.  Once they have entered all their details (Name, address, vehicle details etc.), the booking is then placed on the database and is instantly accessible to the Management  Software.  A cookie, containing the vehicle registration number is also placed on the customer's computer.  This allows the customer to re-visit the site for a period of 28 days from the date of the booking to review the booking.  This prevents the business being interrupted by customers who have forgotten the date and or time that their test was booked for.
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Microsoft Windows or Linux Back End

The MOT Manager Application is designed to be used in the office to access the bookings on the system.  It has the ability to make new bookings taken by phone or in person, display bookings made via the Web Interface by customers, move a booking to a new date and/or time and delete bookings that have been cancelled for whatever reason.  The software uses a perpetual calendar (limited only by the operating system of the computer it is running on), and unless deleted by the user, will retain all bookings ever made.  This gives the ability to go back and check when a particular M.O.T. Test was carried out if the customer has lost their documentation.
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